The Intimacy Shift is a 6-month personal development program and mentorship for the courageous, heart-centred woman, who desires to create the deepest, most expansive relationship with a partner and with life. It is the education on intimacy you never received. It is for women who value love and emotional safety as the foundation for not only their intimate relationship, but also their children and family, and life itself. By creating a deeply intimate and loving relationship with ourselves, we are then able to bring the same depth and love into our intimate relationship, our friendships, our bond with our children, and with the people that we work with.

The Intimacy Shift is for the women who resonate with the following:

✅ That women are powerful creators, especially in the realm of intimate relationships, because connection and love is at the core of our natural essence

✅ That when women choose to be in relationship with a partner, the relationship is either draining OR renewing her energy

✅ That through personal development, women can gently and intentionally work through the layers of protection that they may have built up over the years as a result of heartbreak, setbacks, betrayal and rejection, and through this process, become a more whole version of themselves, able to access their full power and have a felt sense of their inherent worthiness and true value

There are deep feminine wounds present in all of humanity (men and women) associated with not feeling safe and secure in our intimate relationships

These feminine wounds can be healed en masse when women face their pain, acknowledge the wound, share their stories, understand their past unmet needs, and commit to a healing path

That when the feminine wound is not healed, women can tend to over-give, over-function, control, criticise, people-please, tolerate and rationalise poor treatment from loved ones, not set boundaries, and remain silent and not express complaints in their relationships, which leads to long-term disconnection, resentment, numbing and protection, and de-polarisation (neutralising attraction between the feminine and masculine), ultimately leading to the predicted deterioration of the relationship due to a deficit in feminine energy/libido/life force

That victimhood is not a natural or desired position for a woman to occupy in her intimate relationships

That when a woman feels emotionally safe, she naturally has a desire to bring any of the following into her intimate relationship: nurturance, comfort, delight, pleasure, play, eroticism, sensuality, or a sense of calm, and this in turn creates a thriving intimate relationship

✅ That when women turn inwards and heal their own wounds, they become a powerful healing force for others around them who may be blocked in their experience of giving and receiving love

The Intimacy Shift includes a 2-day live event and fortnightly online coaching calls, which has the unparalleled benefits of healing and quantum shifts that occur as part of a group. The program is a deep dive into the feminine psyche as well as working through powerful methods from neuroplasticity research and practice that create and sustain intimacy and create shifts in the personality.

  • 2-day Live event (Gold Coast)
  • 10 webinars
  • 10 live coaching calls
  • 2 x individual discovery sessions
  • Private Facebook page
  • The Intimacy Shift Manual
  • Recorded activations


The Intimacy Shift will guide 10 women over 6-months through the Three Portals of a Thriving Intimate Relationship:

The benefits to those who complete the 6-month program are:
  • Recognising your protective armour and an understanding of attachment, the brain, and low-level survival responses
  • An understanding of how protective armour deadens intimacy and desire
  • Coming face to face with your inner critic
  • Replace your protective armour with clearer boundaries, tender assertiveness, empathy and compassion for your partner
  • Reclaim parts of your heart shut down due to prior heartbreak and socialisation
  • Find the courage to bring your whole unguarded heart to your intimate relationship and your life
  • Reconnect with your emotions so that you can reliably use them to guide you towards more loving ways of relating
  • Understand the influence of parents and the culture you grew up in on the way you respond to your own emotional reactions
  • Develop your own Higher Self who can reliably hold all of your emotions and transform them into choices, expressions, behaviours and actions that serve you
  • Become your own true companion and relieve your romantic partner from being “responsible” for how you feel
  • Learn how to communicate your emotions and needs to your partner in a way that leads to more love, connection and desire, not less.
  • Develop your relationship vision so that both partners feel deeply fulfilled and excited about your connection
  • Understand the dance of feminine and masculine energy so that you can create polarity and sustainable sexual attraction if desired
  • Develop the communication skills required to create a sense of unity and connection, not competition, victimhood or power struggles.
This 6-month program is only for the women who:

Are willing to be coached in the areas that block them from fully giving AND receiving love

Believe that knowledge is good, but wisdom is true power

Are 100% OK with skipping that holiday to Bali so that they can invest in deep identity work over a 6-month period

✅ Believe deep down that there is MORE LOVE that they know they could be sharing and experiencing in their lives if they only could know how to access the identity within themselves that is capable of creating this kind of life


(Payment plans – $500 deposit + $130 per week/6 months)


(PREMIUM MENTORSHIP PACKAGE: For women who would like one-on-one support over 6 months as well as the group program)
If you are ready to make the transformational changes required to create an extraordinary intimate relationship (now or in the future), and you resonate with the above, then I invite you to book in a chat with me to see whether this program is for you. Places are limited to 10 women at a time.
Note. The Intimacy Shift is especially relevant for women who work in the healing, coaching or helping field, and want to embody their feminine essence and bring more emotional expression, delight, play, fun and sensuality into the world and their homes. People who work in the healing profession are guiding other people (men, women, couples and children) who are seeking healing from wounds related to attachment and connection. The Intimacy Shift has the benefit of going deep into the workings of the feminine psyche, which is often missing from traditional couple’s therapy training and models. By understanding the nature of feminine (vs masculine) wounds, and doing our own inner work in this area, we can provide more powerful healing interventions for others who are also seeking to create thriving intimate relationships and want to learn how to bring more feminine qualities such as joy, fun, sensuality and delight back into their lives.
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