Welcome to The Intimacy Shift!
I am a psychologist and relationship coach based on the Gold Coast, Australia, with over 20 years’ experience in my field. I have trained in New York as a Schema Therapist and I am passionate about transforming people’s intimate relationships, through making shifts at the level of the PERSONALITY.
I  use the latest up-to-date techniques to bring about deep transformative change for a thriving intimate relationship. In my 1:1 mentoring and coaching, I also draw from the lessons from my own personal journey towards finding and sustaining a deeply loving connection, and how to consciously use polarity (masculine and feminine dynamics) to create attraction and desire. To achieve this, I work on clearing out old outdated belief patterns, emotional blocks and negative patterns from the past that interfere with attraction and desire, to pave the way for a thriving intimate relationship that keeps getting better and better.
I look forward to supporting you on your journey towards a thriving intimate relationship.
Dr. Tracey Hunter
Psychologist & Relationship Coach
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