Are you ready to fully embrace your true feminine or masculine essence within your intimate relationship and your LIFE?

Welcome to The Intimacy Shift! I am a psychologist and relationship coach based on the Gold Coast, Australia, with over 20 years’ experience in my field.
I have trained in New York as a Schema Therapist and I am passionate about transforming people’s intimate relationships, through making shifts at the level of the PERSONALITY.
I  use the latest up-to-date techniques to bring about deep transformative change for a thriving intimate relationship.
I work on clearing out old outdated belief patterns, cultural wounds, emotional blocks and negative patterns from the past that interfere with attraction and desire, to pave the way for a thriving intimate relationship that keeps getting better and better.
My approach is influenced by the frameworks of modern-day visionaries in the field of psychology, intimate relationships and wellbeing, including Dr. Jeffrey Young, Dr. Daniel Siegel, Dr. Brene Brown, Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Esther Perel, Esther Hicks, and Dr. Joe Dispenza.


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My 6-month transformational group program for women, The Intimacy Shift, includes a 2-day live event and fortnightly online coaching calls, which has the unparalleled benefits of healing and quantum shifts that occur as part of a group. The program is a deep dive into the feminine psyche as well as working through powerful methods from neuroplasticity research and practice that create and sustain intimacy and create shifts in the personality.
This program is suitable for women who are wishing to create positive changes in their life, and they feel that their true feminine nature has not been fully expressed in their intimate relationships to date. The program is suitable for women who would like to bring more depth and emotional connection into their current marriage or partnership, or women who can identify that certain unhealthy patterns were present in their previous relationships and they would like to clear these out before entering their next intimate relationship. 
February 2020 – (live event: Gold Coast)
Places are limited.


Feb 2019 – Gold Coast/Brisbane


This 21-day bootcamp is ideal for men who want to maintain a healthy and exciting connection with their feminine partner, by creating balance within their own masculine energy that will support a thriving intimate relationship!

Research shows that it takes 21 days to form a new habit and create new neural pathways in the brain. Are you on board?

✅ Learn how to understand the language and messages your partner is sending you directly or indirectly
✅ Learn how to respond to her to allow you to both understand, respect and connect with each other
✅ Understand how you can create immediate safety and nervous system relaxation in yourself and your feminine partner
✅ Bring back the energy of when you first met
✅ Do your bit to get your relationship back on track

3 x 90-minute live webinar and group coaching sessions to restore balance within your marriage/intimate relationship now or in the future.
AUD$350. Places are limited.


– intimacy, dating and relationship coaching
– balancing feminine and masculine energy
– healing insecure and avoidant attachment styles
– enhancing feminine and masculine attraction and polarity
3-month coaching packages include weekly consultations, personality & intimate relationships profile, text support, resources, and personalised recorded activations and guided imagery.
If you would like to inquire further about your intimacy and relationship goals, please send an email and we can book in a chat to see whether I can be of service.
I look forward to working with you towards more intimacy, connection, love, worthiness, delight, play, joy, fun, adventure and expansion in your relationship and life. 

Dr. Tracey Hunter



The Intimacy Shift is a 6-month growth journey for the courageous, heart-centred woman, who desires to create the deepest, most expansive relationship with her partner and with life.

She is ready to shift into her most authentic, fully expressed self, giving and receiving love at the highest level.

Over this 6-month journey, you will activate the capacity to feel and connect at the deepest level and truly surrender to love, like you have never been hurt before.

And become the very best version of you that calls out the very best in your chosen mate and your life.

Find the courage to bring your whole heart to your intimate relationship and your life

Reclaim parts of your heart shut down due to prior heartbreak

Shed your masculine protective armour of hyper-independence, release your unhealthy addiction to over-achievement and control, and return to your natural feminine essence

Strengthen your own Higher Self who can transform your emotions into choices, behaviours and actions that serve you and your relationship

Develop the heart strength and courage required to manage the vulnerability that comes hand in hand with intimate partnership, and say goodbye to power struggles or feelings of isolation

Understand the dance of feminine and masculine energy so that together you can create sustainable sexual attraction, creativity and abundance.


The Intimacy Shift will guide women through the Three Portals of a Thriving Intimate Relationship:

The next program kicks off in February 2020.
The Intimacy Shift is a deep healing and transformative journey to the feminine psyche. Layers of stress and protection will be gently shed over a 6-month period, to allow for total heart reconnection and healing.
The benefits to those who complete the 6-month program are:
– Recognising your protective armour and an understanding of attachment, the brain, and low-level survival responses
– An understanding of how protective armour deadens intimacy and desire
– Coming face to face with your unique inner critic
– Replace your protective armour with clearer boundaries, tender assertiveness and empathy
– Reclaim parts of your heart shut down due to prior heartbreak and socialisation
– Re-discover your inner lover
– Find the courage to bring your whole unguarded heart to your intimate relationship and your life
– Reconnect with your emotions so that you can reliably use them to guide you towards more loving ways of relating
– Understand the influence of parents and the culture you grew up in on the way you respond to your own emotional reactions
– Develop your own Higher Self who can reliably contain all of your emotions and transform them into choices, behaviours and actions that serve you
– Become your own companion and relieve your romantic partner from being responsible for how you feel
– Learn how to communicate your emotions and needs to your partner in a way that leads to more love, connection and desire
– Develop your relationship vision so that both partners feel deeply fulfilled and excited about your connection
– Understand the dance of feminine and masculine energy so that you can create polarity and sustainable sexual attraction
– Develop the communication skills required to create a sense of collaboration and connection, not competition and separation.


I. WHOLE HEART ACTIVATION – 2-day live event and 2 webinars/coaching
II. HIGHER SELF ACTIVATION – 4 webinars/coaching calls
III. CONNECTION ACTIVATION – 4 webinars/coaching calls
February 2020
Places are limited.
Dr. Tracey Hunter
Psychologist & Relationship Coach

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